Kheer Ganga

The majestic Himalayas are known for its scenic beauty and thrilling views ranging all the way from Tibet to Kashmir via Nepal. It has numerous treks from which some of world famous for their uniqueness and mythological connection.
Kheer Ganga (approx 11,500 ft above sea level) is one such place. Lord Shiva & her wife Goddess Parvati used to live here with their elder son Kartikay. There is a cave nearby in which Kartikay did his austerity.
Now, Kheer Ganga is famous for its hot water springs where adventurers can take a dip. It is believed that in Satya Yuga, instead of hot water, kheer (an Indian dessert made of milk and rice) used to flow out from the fountain. In later years, Parshu Ram (incarnation of God Vishnu) changed kheer into hot water to avoid any squabble between the villagers. Water of the spring is safe for bathing. If you drink it, it can cure your stomach aches too.
Trails to follow: If you are coming from Delhi or Chandigarh, you can board a bus to Kullu and de-board at Bhuntar. Then, take a different bus which will drop you at Manikaran via Kasol. It is about 42 km from there.
From there, you can hire a taxi or switch to another local bus which will take you further 20 km to Barshaini. It serves as the base for Kheer Ganga. You are all set for your voyage!
You will have to trek from there. It’s an approx 10 km trek which includes dense forests, deep ravines and mesmerizing waterfalls.
For beginners, it’s a good hiking trek. They can complete it in four to five hours. Experts can reduce the time significantly to two to three hours. Except rainy months, the trek is open for all seasons in a year.
There are many beautiful places en route to Kheer Ganga. Nakthan is one such location. It is an ancient village which follows Kath-khuni Architecture style in its buildings. Houses are constructed of wood and stone; some of them are even two to three century old. It will definitely fascinate architecture enthusiasts.
Best time to explore: Avoid rainy season as precipitation rate is very high in Kullu and the weather won’t allow you to explore it thoroughly. Winters are a good option is it snows heavily in Kullu. In addition, you will be able to eat apples from the apple orchards.
Words of advice: Start your trek as early as you can because it will buy you some time to explore the valley in the evening. You can take a bath in the hot spring between 6 am to 7 pm.
Accommodation is not an issue in kheer Ganga. There are many tent settlements where you can stay. You can also rent out tents for privacy. Tent charges are as low as 200 bucks per person.

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